Discovering our history

In the heart of Wappiot

Wappiot is a French brand born in 2019 with the idea of ​​wanting to change the shower experience for something more comfortable, more economical and more respectful of the planet .

Throughout the design process, we made it a point to always respect what we had committed to. After more than a year of testing (and a lot of hassles) the Wappiot™ hand shower is born.

Our objective ?

Democratize our hand shower, and establish in everyone's mind that we can enjoy a more comfortable and lime-free shower while reducing our footprint for the planet.

We now know that our hand shower is a real gem in every way.

The most efficient hand shower on all points and at the best price .

Then the democratization of our shower after the majority of

Keep it simple - Quality before quantity

Our slogan ?

The secret of a reliable product that changes your life! Quality and durability rare these days, for an ever more pleasant shopping experience

Our community - our greatest pride

The customer is king at Wappiot!

What we want above all is proximity to our customers.

Who says proximity, says dialogue and continuous improvement of our services and our product.

Without you, we wouldn't be here today, so THANK YOU for all your feedback and reviews that have made our product and our reputation today!

Moreover, if you have any questions, know that you can contact us at . Our employees will answer you with great pleasure and in complete transparency!

Enjoy your visit to our site!

The Wappiot team.