The high pressure, economical and filtering shower head

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Our Wappiot products have a very particular design and a patented assembly technology . All similar products not being sold on our site or by authorized resellers are copies or counterfeits.

We are a French company and we have been for 5 years, always in search of delivering you a tool of the best quality.

Until today more than 10,000 customers (individuals and professionals) have trusted us and 100% of them have been fully satisfied with the product.

We have dedicated a complete team to respond to all your requests as quickly as possible. It is available 7 days a week at the following address:

Do not hesitate to contact them you will have a quick response generally within 12 hours.

Installation and test of our hand shower

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Wappiot, for a more comfortable and responsible shower

Wappiot is above all
a French company and a team motivated by a deep desire to
change our behavior, especially in an essential activity that we are
millions to practice daily: the shower !

To give birth to
Wappiot hand shower
, it was essential for each of us to make
proof of abnegation and resilience in order to achieve a product that is anchored
in our beliefs that it is possible to act responsibly on our
water consumption while maintaining a high potential for comfort.

This is how our hand shower
was created to allow you to benefit from showers
more pleasant , more economical and resolutely respectful
of our blue planet.

The Wappiot hand shower, how does it work?

Thanks to a patented device that
combines the latest generation HydroPulse technology with a system of
filter, the Wappiot hand shower doubles the pressure at the outlet of
shower, rids your water of 98% of limestone and bacteria, allows you
achieve up to 40% water savings and adapts in seconds to
your shower system.

The Wappiot hand shower to save a lot of money!

Hygiene accounts for almost 60%
of the overall water consumption
of a household, which constitutes a very important part of your bills.

However, without a device
adapted, a shower can consume between 15 and 20 liters of water per minute ,
you have to do the math based on how much time you spend in the shower.

The Wappiot hand shower allows the
time to increase the pressure felt when exiting the hand shower and reduce by 40%
consumption. All this for an extremely affordable price which will be reimbursed on average in 3 months with the water savings made. Quite interesting isn't it?

The Wappiot hand shower to protect the planet

Global warming, the
more and more recurrent periods of drought and the irremediable drying up of groundwater must
lead us to change our behavior.

Although many gestures
responsible on a daily basis can enable us to reduce the impact of our
water consumption on the environment, it is not necessarily essential
to make a choice between our comfort and the protection of our planet.

This is what Wappiot sticks to
offer via our shower system for all those who
wish to truly engage in a more reasoned consumption of our
water resources

The Wappiot hand shower for unique shower comfort

Thanks to HydroPulse technology
with which the Wappiot hand shower is fitted, the water pressure at the outlet is
doubled for an instant spa effect and unique sensations .
When your water temperature is properly set to your preference,
our hand shower promises you a most beneficial experience with relaxation
guaranteed and a day that begins under the sign of form and

Depending on the geographical areas,
the water we use for our hygiene or for drinking can be more or
less rich in limestone, PH and various impurities that can harm the
the most sensitive skins.

Thanks to our cotton filters
recycled Wappiot
, no more unpleasant sensations at the exit of the
shower, rough skin, itching or allergic reactions, these are
98% of limescale and dirt which are eliminated by the filter contained in
our Wappiot hand shower and which needs to be replaced every two to three
months only.

The Wappiot hand shower for ease of use

Nothing could be simpler when you
buy our Wappiot hand shower than install it on your shower system.
The filter and its case are attached to the hand shower and all you have to do is
screw the assembly onto your shower hose before taking advantage of all the
advantages of the Wappiot system.

The same goes for the
replacement of the recycled cotton filter: unscrew, remove the filter,
replace it and screw it back!

By adopting the hand shower
, you opt for the know-how of a 100% French company ,
a secure payment , an after-sales service attentive to our
customers and a delivery followed as soon as possible as well as
a satisfied or refunded guarantee , that is to say how much we have
confidence in the quality of our products.